Creative community engagement,

how to play a positive role.



What does that look like?

POSITIVE POLICING has grown out of our current era of crisis. A reaction to the conflicts that brought about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

A result of the violence we see, people feel harmed by those tasked to protect them.

Along comes Crisis Intervention(CIT) Role Play. And the wisdom to used real trained actors. Training scenarios now began to reflect true life.


Motivate Your Community


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We are just beginning to create the change we want to see in the world, and whew, it ain't easy we could use your help... well actually we need your money. I know everybody is trying to put their hands in your pockets... well, call the cops!


Let's Give a Talk

There is so much to talk about! Your classroom, community center or a backyard can work.

Cause we really need to talk! 


Take Part

Playing a role is not easy, but maybe we can teach you. It's not for everyone. But you just might be surprised how screaming like you've lost your mind for 6 to 8 hours might make you feel... you want the war stories? Not so comfortable clothing required



Our goal is to be a resource for all, police and the community. Learn how to play a positive role when it counts. 


Playing a +Positive Role since 1967

If i told you, I was born to do this would you believe me? I mean really, It was the start of the 80's when I first found theatre. Finding my way onto my middle school stage in Montgomery Alabama. Where I quickly discovered, the power of performance. It has an ability to show you things from a different point of view. To experience the world from another side for a moment. But our nations current mental health is no joke. We all need to feel like somebody is listening and actually cares, Do you?

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